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Teacher Training

Students who go through a cosmetology program understand that having a good instructor makes all the difference in the world. Becoming an instructor can be a rewarding career and will make a difference in the lives of future cosmetologists.

That’s why Jolie Academy offers a cosmetology teacher training program – a comprehensive curriculum that allows interested students to become teachers to the next generation of cosmetologists.

This program is offered at our Pennsylvania and New Jersey campuses. Please note that the requirements to become a licensed cosmetology teacher vary between the two states.

In addition to the state requirements, Jolie Academy offers additional training hours to allow students deeper guidance on lesson plan preparation, classroom instruction, and classroom management. We want students in the teacher training program to feel confident and successful commanding a classroom and leading their own students. This additional training may also factor into a student’s ability to obtain higher levels of employment or greater pay.

Pennsylvania: A Pennsylvania Teacher’s License will be granted after passing the State Board Exam and payment of all fees. The Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology requires a student attend 500 hours of training. The student must register with the State Board of Cosmetology for an exam for licensure to enroll. A Teacher License is granted after payment of fees and passing the State Board Examination.

New Jersey: The prerequisites for enrollment include a cosmetology license and a record of success as a practicing cosmetologist.

Teacher Training Program Locations*
* This program is available under a different name at the following locations:
  • Wilkes-Barre, PA: Teacher
  • Hazleton, PA: Cosmetology Teacher