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Skin Esthetics

While the Jolie Academy esthetician course is taught at both our Ludlow and Wilkes-Barre locations, there is one key difference. Even though both may have a comprehensive curriculum which teaches a prospective student everything they need to know about their future career field, the Pennsylvania State Board requires 300 hours of training in order to take the state board exam, rather than the 650 needed in Massachusetts.

With regard to that, we are now offering a 300-hour esthetician course at our Wilkes-Barre campus to educate all students in the field of skin care, hair removal, and makeup to prepare them for the state license exam and beyond. Much like the 650-hour program, this course will be composed of both hands-on and classroom instruction in subjects ranging from professional practices, to facials, to makeup, allowing any prospective student to build a well-rounded skillset enabling them to thrive in the professional esthetics field after they graduate. 

For more information pertaining to the 300-hour course, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Note: The 300-hour esthetics pilot program is not yet accredited or eligible for Title IV funding.

Skin Esthetics Program Locations